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Ashwin Venkata Ganapathiraju

Game Developer - Software Engineer - Procedural Generator




Project Terracore
The Gristmill
Language API
World Generation


I graduated with an Integrated Bachelors/Masters in Game Design and Development from Rochester Institute of Technology. I finished up my co-op at Global Thinking in 2016, have worked as a TA for three years of my college career, and am currently interested in full time job opportunities.

I have a strong interest in teaching and education, and firmly believe in its importance in our lives and in the world. I firmly feel that no one is ever done learning, and try to learn at least a little about everything. I love finding out something about a topic I thought I knew, or learning about new topics, ideas, or ways to approach a problem.

I'm a procedural generation and random algorithm developer by interest and focus, and many of my projects include some degree of algorithmic content creation. I am proficient in a variety of programming languages, and am skilled at gameplay and backend programming.

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